Explore New Markets

As your business moves into emerging markets, we can help you expand locations and manage your spaces across the world.

Multi-property management tool

Keeping track of multiple leases, pricing, and logistics can be a challenge. We act as your brokerage partner to manage all of your spaces across the world.

Extra Support for Your New Center of Operations

Transaction Portal

Log in to our portal and keep track of your listings, leasing velocity, current brokerages, and more.

Best Markets Diagnostics

Market research and easy-to-understand diagnostics to help you make informed decisions on where to open your next location.

Dashboard & Critical Reports

Get access to your property dashboard and integral reports to monitor your progress and next steps.

Automatic Rent Payments

Multi-property management can be tricky. Nomad Group handles rent payments, maintenance fees, and regular invoices.

Set Your Sights on a
New Real Estate Market

Manage multi-national and international properties with the
expertise and technology of Nomad Group.