Headquarter Space

Finding the right anchor space starts with a solid strategy.

Workspace designed to power productivity

Our team of experts will oversee every detail to manage and guide a smooth transaction.

Five Critical Considerations


HQ design is as important as web design. From open workspaces and collaborative lounges to private areas and team rooms, finding the right place starts with a solid strategy.


Hiring and retaining top talent is more difficult than ever. Listen to their feedback and always put your employees first.


Making your office space reflect your core values can engage workers and make a lasting impact on your visitors.


No one likes a long commute. Offering employees a shorter commute gives you a recruiting edge.

Cost Savings

Your business has grown. You may qualify for local and state tax incentives to keep costs down.

Start Your Headquarter Search Today

Your business headquarters should be as unique as your company. At Nomad Group, we work with you to devise a strategy to build out a headquarters your company will be proud of. Work with our dedicated team to identify listings and design a workplace that drives business success.