Coworking & Flexible
Space Providers

Find the community and resources you need to build your
brand with the flexibility and room to grow.

Flexible design for
all team sizes

With over 5.4 million square feet of office
space in NYC, there’s a coworking space that fits your needs.

Dedicated Desk

A shared workspace with access to onsite support staff, conference rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi and amenities.

Private Office

A dedicated lockable office with 24/7 access and operational support. The space comes furnished and fully equipped with additional common meeting rooms and break out areas.

Office Suites

A partnership to create a bespoke full-service workspace, designed to flex and scale with your organization’s growth.

Space providers

With all over 50+ hosts, let us do the talking.

Benefits of Flexible Workspaces

All-In-One Pricing

Coworking spaces wrap all monthly fees, amenities, and maintenance in one customized package.

Flexible Terms

Our providers not only offer flexible spaces; they also work with us to secure you flexible terms and conditions.

Easy Move In

A completely turnkey process with all furniture, lighting, and fixtures set up for you. All you have to do is pack up, and we can help you with that too.


Shared spaces are full of all types of businesses. Meet fellow CEOs at the water cooler. Collaborate with your neighboring business. Say “hello” to your new partner network.

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Coworking options are diverse. Let us match you with the best fit for your business.