Snappy Gifts
Connecting the world, one gift at a time

The Requirement

Snappy Gifts, a personalized gift website, needed a workplace that could inspire as much joy and happiness for their employees as their gifts did for their customers. Being voted one of the best places to work, with over 96% employee satisfaction, Snappy Gifts wanted a space where they could host large team lunches, happy hours, meetings, and more to keep their fun-loving community thriving.

When we met Snappy, they were quickly outgrowing their co-working space in Flatiron.

Our Solution

Our team located a newly renovated building on Fifth Avenue. The space was located on the top floor of the building which allowed numerous skylights to be installed throughout. The Snappy team immediately saw the potential to maximize their energetic culture.

With access to a private rooftop, large open spaces, and tons of natural light, this space was ideal for fostering collaboration and good vibes.

Snappy Gifts

Computer Software, Consumer Goods

Moved August 2018

  • Headcount Size: 40 to 50

  • Headquarter Space

  • Flatiron, New York

  • Total Funding: $8.3M


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