A new mobile data infrastructure

The Requirement

OXIO had undergone considerable rounds of funding and anticipated a steady expansion over the near term. As a result, they were looking to exit their current shared space and establish their workplace culture in a private office environment. Although timing on a major move was flexible, OXIO preferred to relocate within 4-6 weeks.

The OXIO team was looking for a boutique office space located in the Midtown South and SoHo submarkets. The space needed to be built, furnished, and wired for immediate occupancy.

Our Solution

Our team was able to secure a space with high-ceilings, large front-facing windows, a glass conference room, and an open area for roughly 15 employees. The space was an ideal candidate and was on the market for less than 24-hours prior to our team submitting an offer.

Typically, newly renovated space with furniture often comes with a hefty price tag. Due to the speed of the execution, we were able to secure a below-market rent for the OXIO team. Although the plan was to sign a one to two-year lease, OXIO decided it was best to sign a 3-year deal with an extension option to secure the advantageous deal terms we negotiated.


Mobile Data, Telecom Infrastructure

Moved May 2020

  • Headcount Size: 15 to 30

  • Private Office Space

  • Flatiron, New York

  • Total Funding: $6.6


A Better Office Search

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