Fuel Cycle
#1 Leading Market Research Platform

The Requirement

Fuel Cycle, an LA-based marketing management platform, had anticipated significant growth in their New York office. The NY-team was occupying out of a coworking space and was already starting to feel cramped as-is.

The ideal space would accommodate at least 30 employees and contain some of the amenities they grew accustomed to within their coworking space. Further, it was essential that the location be no more than a 10-minute walk to Grand Central Station.

Our Solution

Our team immediately got to work and uncovered the perfect listing for our client. The space had over 30 in-place workstations with a brand-new installation, fully furnished and wired space, common areas for eating / lounging, call rooms, full kitchen, etc.

This space had all the amenities and perks coworking offered but had the privacy and branding the team was looking for to make a space their own. Best of all, the space was significantly cheaper than their previous coworking space although it was 4x the size!

Fuel Cycle

Market Research, Customer Engagement

Moved July 2019

  • Headcount Size: 30 to 50

  • Headquarter Space

  • Midtown, New York

  • Total Funding: $25.6M


A Better Office Search

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